I’ll be Home for Christmas

This Christmas brought on new perspectives for both Brent and I as it was the first Christmas that we were visitors in our own home, in our own city, in our own families. “I’ll be home for Christmas” took on a whole new meaning for us this year. Flip-flopping between families, beds and homes made for a full week together and a tiring two weeks for me. Brent was able to get the whole week off of work to be home and then I stayed a second week to be with my sisters. It was such a fabulous time together seeing old friends, running around with my three nieces and just being home. It was truly wonderful. There are many stories, memories, and adventures that I could share with you, but I’ll let the pictures do the talking and let you enjoy the smiles. It was a wonderful Christmas. Thank you to both of our families for such a great holiday.

*Click on the first Christmas tree to get the full gallery view.


5 thoughts on “I’ll be Home for Christmas

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