With the New Year comes More Adventure

I first need to apologize to my faithful readers who have been neglected for the past two months. My last post was all about Christmas and the wonderful joys of being home, but since January much adventuring has happened and I have been very late in reporting it. So with no further ado, I wanted to share a few snap-shots from the adventures that we have had since arriving back in the snowy Capital.

First off, Andrew and Emma drove me home after my St. Catharines escapades in early January. It was a little exhausting hosting straight after two full weeks of Christmas, but it was so great to have them in Ottawa, in our home and to be together as best buds. Some of the highlights were going to West Wellington to look at some fun shops, going to the Works for the most gigantic and delicious burgers you have ever had (mine had peanut butter on it :)) and having a girls/guys night catching up on all that’s happening in our lives. Andrew and Em recently returned from three months in Europe and so we had plenty to talk about and catch up on. A & E, you are soo wonderful and it was so fabulous to have you here! Welcome home!

Delicious burgers. Incredible!

The next adventure was snow-shoeing! Being away for full two weeks left us very Juane-deprived. We desperately needed to be with our dearest Ottawa friends and so what better way to get reconnected than in the fresh winter air on snow-shoes! I had never been snow-shoeing before and so this was a new experience and adventure for me. We went to Gatineau Park in Quebec and trotted down a trail that was suppose to take 2 hours to complete. Four and a half hours later, we stumbled back to our car, exhausted and cold. The hike itself was amazing though. We had just had a major snow storm the night before so the snow was thick, crisp and beautiful and all the trees were laden with fresh snow, making us feel like we were walking through a winter wonderland. It was minus 25 however, so with the beauty came a bite. By the end of the trip we all had frosted tips on our hair and nippy toes and fingers.  It was incredible and an adventure I will never forget.

Getting ready to go!

On the trail! Sometimes we just slid down the hills.

Taking a little break.

Just a little exhausted.

Ottawaians know how to embrace winter though. One way is through their annual Winterlude festival, a city-wide, three weekend celebration of winter.With ice sculptures, skating and Beavertails, this festival is such a great way to fully embrace winter. My dear friend Ruth came to visit during the first weekend of the events. As it is with all our visitors, it was so wonderful to have Ruth come and see our City and home. Ruth had just got back from a three week vacation in Australia and New Zealand, moved to a new city, got a new job and was starting a new career and so we had so much to talk about. Our backdrop for our quality time was a skate on the Rideau Canal (the largest outdoor skating rink in the world), a French tour of Parliament (to provide an opportunity for Jon to film his Ellen Dance Dare, earning him publicity in the Metro News, Ottawa Citizen, CBC Radio, two local radio stations, Global National TV and CTV) and our cozy living room. It was a fabulous celebration of winter, the Capital and our friendship. Thanks Ruth for coming out for a visit.

The last adventure I will share with you was this past weekend with my parents. Looking for a good excuse for a winter vacation, mom and dad decided to go to a resort close by Ottawa for a week and spend some time with us. It was the perfect arrangement because we were able to join them for the weekend and then they could have the week on their own to enjoy the winter and each other. Friday they arrived and came straight to our place to meet us and our home and then mom and I went for a very special treat- the York Street Spa. Our husbands had given us gift certificates for Christmas and the day had arrived for us to get pampered. With waxing and massages, we walked out changed women! It was fabulous. We then went for a Challenge Friendly dinner at the Wild Oat and then off to Calabogie for a weekend of relaxation. It was a perfect way to spend some quality time together, enjoy the Ottawa Valley country side and be together for some fabulous R & R. Thanks mom and dad for coming and for letting us join you for a great weekend.

"Raw Pizza." Basically a gigantic salad on top of a huge cracker, Challenge Friendly!

Our view from our cottage window. Ice-fishing, hockey, truly Canadian.

On a drive through some country side.

Our latest purchase. Front: Certified Adventure Seeker, Back: The Adventure Awaits. We thought they were fitting for our year.

Again, I apologize for the delay in getting this post out, but better late than never, right? I hope you enjoyed it and until our next adventure, happy winter to those who have it, and for the rest of you embrace what you have!


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