To Each Their Own

Within the first couple weeks of being in Ottawa, Brent saw a banner in the downtown advertising for something that stuck a cord with him. I’m not sure if he had heard about this event prior to arriving here, but as soon as we saw it, there was no question that this was for Brent; an adventure of just his type. Yesterday, after months of waiting, it was time for Brent’s adventure! The 2012 Game Summit!!

Yes folks, my husband is a complete game geek, but going to the Summit opened up my eyes to see how good I have it and how much more of a geek Brent could be. When we walked in Brent said, “They are so different but yet all the same.” It was so true. There is something very unique about a true game geek. They come in all shapes and sizes, but they all are, well, a little awkward. Brent has a touch of it, but thank the Lord Brent is as mild of a geek as he is. Seeing what he could be like or the things he could be playing, makes me thankful that all I have to deal with is stacks of boardgames in my living room and boxes of cards under my couch. Thank you Lord!

After registering and getting our name badges we entered into the great hall of gamers heaven (board gamers that is). Games were everywhere. The perimeter of the room was lined with shelves and shelves of board games and in the middle were tables, and scenes, and sculptures, masterpieces and prize tables. Everywhere you looked there were gamers with an aura of euphoria around them, as though this is what they had been waiting for all their lives and my husband was just as smitten as the rest of them.

Brent went from booth to booth exploring his various temptations. Watching him scan the shelves, pick up boxes, reading the backs, I could see his mental list growing of the games that he could one day own. He was in heaven and I was on the clouds watching for that smile he would give me when he looked way from the games.

"Heaven. I'm in heaven"

An hour into our tour and two trips back to the tournament pages, it was clear that one night was not going to be enough for Brent. So with a little coaxing and some gentle encouragement, I convinced him that it was ok to sign up for tournaments and upgrade his pass from a one day visitor to a full weekend gamer. With little hesitation, he put the money down, they punched his name tag and he was in!

Before we left we decided to play a game; we couldn’t come to the 2012 Games Summit and not play a game. And so we went into the “library” and found a game that Brent had always wanted to play- Thurn & Taxis. Not a minute after we sat down a gentleman in a lab coat offer to teach us the game. He wasn’t as random as I make him out to be, instead he was a game developer and worked at the “library” booth. He was probably one of the most normal looking gamers that I saw there and was very helpful in explaining. After a few instructions he let us be and we started to play. It was a really great game, confirmed to be on Brent’s mental list of “To Buy” and it was the perfect finish to my Game Summit experience. However that was just the beginning for Brent.

Thurn & Taxis. Great game.

Today, Brent is at the Summit for the full day. He left at 9 this morning and probably wont return until after dinner. He had signed up for the “Giant Canadian Board Game Blitz” from 10- 6p.m. Brent said it would probably be some sort of tournament of five games. He didn’t really care about the legistics, he just wanted to play games all day. When we came home last night, he said, “I better get to bed early…Because it may be the difference of me playing or me winning!!”  Needless to say he was pretty excited and I am very anxious to hear how the day went and if he will be just as excited to go to his THIRD day tomorrow for his Dominion Tournament.

All this to say, I have my types of adventures and Brent has his. Sometimes we join each other, sometimes we go half way and other times we go it alone. Watching Brent walk through the Game Summit was a sight to behold, and though he will deny any of what I’ve written about him in this post, I think he would agree that this was awesome and such a fabulous adventure for both of us.


5 thoughts on “To Each Their Own

  1. hillarious! i know my husband and his brother would be right there gaming with him all weekend. wow. i kind of wish we had one like that in winnipeg for all the gaming geeks here!

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