Winter’s Not Over Yet

Last weekend, Brent’s sister Jenica came for a visit. We had been anticipating this for the week but there was always the chance that the trip would be canceled because of a looming snow storm. Thursday afternoon, however, I got a message from Jen saying that she had decided to leave that night to beat the storm and make it to Ottawa in one piece. And so off she went.

Arriving in record time, Jenica was here and we were thrilled. By the next morning, no snow had fallen and everyone was feeling a little silly about their worry. But oh well, she arrived and we were going to have a good time.

Friday was a girls day since Brent was at work. The morning started off a little rough. Our building is under major construction again and the noise level in the apartment is crazy loud, too loud to carry on a conversation. And so we had our breakfast and then got out of there as quick as we could so that our heads wouldn’t explode! (Still no snow)

I decided to take Jenica to West Wellington one of my favourite streets in Ottawa. There are all kinds of fun shops to browse and it’s a pleasant walk from our apartment. Well, the walk there was great, we chatted, shared stories and enjoyed each others laughter and arrived in good time to our first shop. As soon as we stepped into the door the snow started to come. With every store we stopped in the storm got worse and by the time we were done our strip of shops and on our way home it was a white-out blizzard. It was crazy! I don’t remember the last time I walked through a blizzard like this. The worse part was we were walking against the wind meaning that the snow was pelting our faces, leaving us red as beets, and caked with snow. It was a long journey home, but in the end we were both laughing hysterically at our circumstance and both agreed we had earned our “indie cred.”

Literally caked with snow!

“Indie cred” is abit of an inside joke, but before Jenica arrived we had decided to go to a concert on Friday night. Brent called Jen just before to make she knew the plan and to give her the heads up so that she could make sure she brought some good “indie cred” along in her wardrobe selection. The whole weekend we teased Brent about this, questioning what that really meant, and while we were at the concert we discussed who at the concert had indie cred and who didn’t. It was the running joke of the weekend. Needless to say, after our walk through the storm, Jen and I took our hoods and hats off and our hair was like nothing we had seen before; we were sure it would qualify for indie cred.

The storm subsided in time for our wait in line for the concert. The concert was fabulous, seeing the Wooden Sky perform in this Club downtown. One of Brent and my favourite bands, we were thrilled to hear that they just released a new album and were so excited that they were playing here in Ottawa. It was a great concert and we were so glad to have Jenica with us.

I tried to take a picture of this poster at the concert and in mid shot a security guard was like, "just take the whole poster with you." So I did and took a picture of it at home 🙂

The rest of the weekend basically revolved around good food and board games, an equation guaranteed to result in a good time. It was fabulous time and a great weekend. Thanks Jen for coming up to see us, braving the storm with me, and satisfying your brothers weekly need for games. It was so great to have you here.


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