A Hug from Home

This past weekend was number two of four visits in a row. We are on a bit of a marathon of sorts, seeing our nearest and dearest in our Ottawa home. It’s been really swell and this past weekend we had some of our closest come for a visit- Rose and Nathan. As you know, we lived with Rose and Nathan back in St. Kitts and probably would saw each other, on average, 6 days a week for the first two years of our marriage. Seeing someone that often automatically sets your relationship on a different level, for better or for worse. In this case, I would say for the better. I know for me personally, I have really felt a miss of the Sherwood connection moving to Ottawa and so being with them this weekend was such a comfort. Unfortunately the most adored member of the family wasn’t able to come along, but without a doubt little Ellie-May was central to our conversations and reminiscing. For both Brent and I she is still the one person who we both miss the most! Sigh.

This weekend was different from other visits in that we went somewhere/did something Brent and I had never done before: an NHL hockey game! For the first time in our lives we went to a professional Hockey game and who better to go with than Rose and Nath. Now, one thing you should know is that Nath and Brent become arch-rivals when it comes to hockey because Nath is a BlackHawks fan and Brent is a Canucks fan. As wives, Rose and I have had to learn how to ease the increasing tension in the home during play-off season and keep civility in the house. Fortunately or not, the game we saw in live action, was not between the two challengers but instead was between the Hawks and the Ottawa Senators. There was no way that Brent and I were going to cheer for our enemy and so for one night Brent and I became Sens fans. Brent went out and bought me a Sens jersey from Val-Vill and we cheered with as much gusto for a team we knew little about. Much to our dismay the Hawks won, but it was a night to remember and definitely helped my appreciation for hockey grow a little bit more.

Blurry I know, but you get the picture.

The Canadian Flag swept across the crowd during the National anthem. Very cool.

The rest of the weekend was equally fabulous. Nath had made it clear that they had no plans for this weekend because “we want you to show us a good time.” It felt like quite a tall task but all in all I think we did good. Going to West Wellington, or “Hintonburg”, the Urban Craft Market, a local book store, and then the Hintonburg Public House (Rose made sure I knew I could also say “Pub”) was all a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon. The Hintongburg Pub was our shared favourite spot for the day. The establishment just opened a few months back and it was hopping with people. I found it while looking for local beers for Nathan to try and this place had a couple on tap. The atmosphere was great, the decor was incredible, made from mostly repurposed materials and the service was top notch. When Nathan asked for a general description of the beers, our server gave us a start to finish picture of each beer, from its first taste to its full body middle to the hoppy finish. When he walked away we were all in awe of his knowledge of each beer and even me a non-beer drinker was tempted. It was pretty great. The food was delicious as well. I would highly recommend this place if you’re ever in Ottawa and make sure you ask about the table tops and bar. A real inspiration for those DIY types or creative restauranteurs. A great find!

The Hintonburg Public House: Everything about it was cool. Look at this Mason Jar chandelier! How easy/how awesome is that!

The bathroom.

The table and bar was made out of old floor boards. We're pretty sure they just took a saw, cut a chunk of floor, including the sub-floor, put a frame around it and made it into a table. Soo cool!

The Cake Shop for dessert. Why would we go to a place of pure temptation? Because they offered sugar free treats! We bought a bag of $13 cookies! The price you pay for indulgence.

The highlight for me was the quality conversation and time with Rose and Nath. We had plenty to talk about and I think by the end of the weekend all of us were full of ideas, thoughts and questions; our appetites were quenched. I am so excited to spend the rest of our lives together and to see what adventures lie ahead for the Veenwoods. The options do seem endless but yet the results are guaranteed to be wonderful.

Rose and Nath, thanks so much for pouring into our lives and for spending this weekend together. You two are truly amazing and know that you represent so much excitement and potential for our future. We love you so much and can’t wait to be back in St. Catharines with you and your little family. You’re the best!


6 thoughts on “A Hug from Home

  1. Sue! We had a fantastic time, even without the beloved Ellie-Belly (who we also missed!) Your place and your town are wonderful, and we too really enjoyed the chance to catch up and look ahead. Thanks so much!!

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