Ma and Pa Veen

Week three of our “Visitor Marathon” brought us Ma and Pa Veen, better known as Brent’s parents. The visit was long over due as we originally had anticipated them coming in the Fall but due to some unforeseen circumstances they were unable to come. After some time we finally did nail down a date and this weekend was welcomed with open arms. Brent and I didn’t have much planned for the weekend but we were sure it would turn out all right. And it did.

They arrived Friday night after getting slightly lost on the way, thanks to white out conditions on the highway. After arriving safe and sound and thanks to my trusty Stoneware, we sat down to a semi-hot meal. Chatting, getting caught up, laughing and enjoying each others company filled our evening and set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday started bright and early finishing off breakfast around 9:30 and heading out at 10 a.m. Our first stop was the Science and Technology Museum where we saw the wonders of Canadian invention, the Earth’s splendor and historical landmarks. Mom was busy taking pictures, Dad lingered at the stories, Brent read the captions and I just liked to look. It was a great way to spend the morning and get a bit more acquainted with the things we take for granted all around us: tunnels, bridges, trains, canoes, cars, glass, energy, an electric eel and the CBC. We learned new things and felt more educated walking out than walking in. It was a good time.

Left to Right, Top to Bottom: Brent reading captions, Dad reading the story (look through the glass on the right), Mom looking at the picture she just took, Me just looking

The CBC Exhibit. Brent and I decided that we want some sort of merchandise with the CBC logo on it after this exhibit. We love CBC.

After the museum we headed down to Byward Market for an afternoon of browsing and food. Tuckers Market Place was our final destination for the day where we feasted on yummy comfort foods and scrumptious desserts. It was slightly “challenging” to find food that Brent and I could eat in good conscience, resulting in a few cheats here and there, but over all it was delicious and a great meal.

The highlight of the weekend for me came when we got home Saturday night. We spent the evening playing cards, first a new game that Brent picked up, Coloretto, and then endless rounds of Euchre. It was such a great night of laughter, wine and pure fun. That night will definitely be remembered for a while for me as quality time means so much to me. I felt like I got to know the family just a little bit more. As a daughter-in-law, I find it a little difficult to find my place in the family dynamics and so this night really stood out to me as feeling comfortable and like family. It was really great. Thanks for that Veenstras.

Sunday concluded our time together, eating more food, playing more games and having a few more laughs. The weather was beautiful and Ma and Pa Veen drove off into the sun. Thanks mom and dad for coming down to see our humble abode and spending a weekend with us. It was really great to have you here and to spend some quality time together. I think mom and I will need a rematch in the near future though, so let’s not go too long without another night together. Much love!


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