This past weekend brought us our last visitor in the Visitor Marathon 2012, a returning visitor at that. My dearest friend, Emily, lovingly called My Sunshine, came for a second weekend in Ottawa. We both joked about the timing of her visits, November and March, possibly the two worst months of the year for season related activities, cultural activities or anything of great tourist interest. However, despite the blah months, both visits were amazing!

With a Thursday night arrival, we had plenty of time together, which I loved. Emily is always such an inspiration to me and a great encourager of my goals and desires and so we started of the day on Friday going to the gym. I have a Y membership which allows me to bring guests a couple times a year. I thought this would be a great time to cash in on this perk and so we walked over to the gym anticipating Emily’s first ever gym experience. Emily is a runner/kick-boxer/dancer/pilates queen and has never gone to a formal gym and so I was psyched to show her the ropes (the expert that I am). When we arrived our hopes and dreams were dashed when we found out she needed ID to get a pass. Of course! What were we thinking when we agreed it would be best to leave all her belongings at the house? So unfortunate. Conveniently Emily was the runner instead of me and so she seized the moment and went for a run around the block while I went inside and used all the industrial machines. Half and hour later we met back up and walked back home. Sigh.

The rest of the weekend however was nothing but a success! A walk around the Glebe took most of the day on Friday, a walk around Hog’s Back Falls was Saturday and a walk around Dow’s Lake was on Sunday. We couldn’t resist. The weather was so gorgeous all weekend and we were anxious to be moving. It was soo good to be in the sun with my Sunshine. As a result of our walking, I got a pair of new shoes, Emily got a tour of another side of Ottawa and we both got quality time together. Everything about it was fabulous.

Waterfalls are one of my favourite parts of creation. With the warm weather, Hog's Back Falls were roaring!

The evening highlight was on Saturday night when we went to the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield Quebec, for a Craig Cardiff concert. Being St. Patrick’s Day, we thought it fitting we go to a Pub and drink beer (as that’s what St. Patrick’s day is all about right??) and what better excuse to do that, then to enjoy live music. The concert was fantastic with an incredible opening act, Aidan Knight, and a fabulous show by Craig. This was Brent and my second time at the Black Sheep and so we were excited to bring Emily to a favourite location. All dressed in green, I would say it was the best St. Patrick’s day I’ve had in a very long time, maybe ever. Thanks Aidan and Craig for making it so.

I bought this hat for Brent as a gag-gift after he complained about not having a "leprechaun hat" for St. Patrick's Day. I tried to put it on the Black Sheep Inn Pug but he didn't go for it.

But before the concert we went to a restaurant intown called Le Hibou, or the Owl in English. I haven’t been to too many restaurants that when I walk in I say, “This place is AMAZING!” when just stepping in the door. The Hintonburg Public House had this effect on me, but Le Hibou was over the top. The room was filled with colour and everything inside was one of a kind, crazy, and cool. When looking around we noticed that a lot of the decor would be pretty ugly/strange on its own but in the context of the whole room, everything looked amazing! It totally reminded me of something that Emma would put together or Rose or my mom. It was so eclectic and to top it off the food was amazing. If you are ever in Wakefield Quebec, check out Le Hibou. You will be in for a treat.

Amazing! Notice the bench on the top-left. It is an old bed frame! How cool is that?!

Presentation, presentation. My dinner of coconut-curry muscles was inside this beauty!

The amazingness of the Hibou parallelled the amazingness of my Sunshine this weekend. Emily you truly do bring the light into my life. You inspire me, you encourage me and you motivate me to be a better person. Our conversations are filled with meaning and your pursuit of our friendship leaves me humbled and amazed. You are absolutely incredible and I am soo happy that you could be our one and only returning guest. You were a fantastic ending to our Visitor Marathon. Thank you for being you.


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