A Person Unknown

Today marked my second due date and I don’t have many words. My emotions are blurry and my thoughts are scattered.

I have moments of peace, and moments of gripping fear, side by side. I feel alone, I feel supported, I feel hopeful, I feel abandoned.

This journey, this “adventure” is one I feel like I will be on for the rest of my life but I pray, I hope that it wont weigh me down as it does in these moments.

May it one day be my strength, may it one day be my honour to have journeyed with so many women who have gone before me and the many who will come after me.

A friend passed on a poem she wrote after her miscarriage and it captured my emotion beautifully and so I asked if I could share. Please feel free to share with the many women who are on this journey with me.

“A life unlived,
a smile ungived,
a person unknown,
a child- never grown
You were loved right away,
Right from the first day,
Though my eyes have yet to grace,
Your beautiful face
I imagine your cheeks,
and your tiny little feet,
Your sweet impish smile,
my wonderful little child
I’m sad you couldn’t stay,
You had to go away,
Our time was so brief,
and I’m feeling such grief
I would love to have held you,
I would love to have smelled you,
But it’s not up to me,
And I know that you can see
That, I’ll love you forever,
I’ll forget you never,
I’ll see you again,
but I’ll miss you until then”


Selfish Red Slippers

As you are all aware, I have started a mini crocheting business. When I started I was super excited to sell some of my handmade items and entered into the world of Etsy. I created a logo, started an Etsy store and went wild crocheting as many hats as I possibly could. I then thought a good way to promote my store would be to go to craft shows and so I applied to be a vendor with a really sweet craft show called Urban Craft Market. Again, I was pumped and madly made my hats and branched off into head bands. It was going to be great!

Well this week I found out that I didn’t get into the craft show and therefore have loads of hats that I have no idea how to sell. My Etsy shop has done squat and so now I’m feeling a little silly with my 500 business cards that I bought in hopes that my business would explode!

And so to lift my crafty spirits, I decided to make something just for me, with no expectation to sell it or give it away; a rare occurrence for me, especially around Christmas. Completely selfishly I made myself some new red slippers! As some of you have seen, my old slippers were much to be desired, being ten times too big, an ugly colour and awful design. But I’m happy to say that I have learned a few things since my early slipper days and I am soo happy with how my new ones turned out. I still have to add the leather soles from my old slippers onto them, but I was too excited that I had to share! My plan is to post them on Etsy but mark them as custom, meaning I’ll take orders! Feel free to post your order here!